FOREST TRAIL is part of the European long-distance hiking route E11 in Baltics, that
~2141 km long leads through the most beautiful forests and national parks in Lithuania,
Latvia and Estonia. The Northern part of Forest Trail, that goes from Riga to Tallinn, passes
through Gauja National Park, Northern Gauja and Veclaicene Protected Landscape Areas in
Latvia and further on in Estonia winds through the Haanja Upland, Setos Land and along the
western shore of Lake Peipus reaches the Gulf of Finland in Northern Estonia. More than 800
km long – from Rāmkalni in Latvia to Viinistu in Estonia – it also meanders through the
territory of “Via Hanseatica”.

Forest Trail is a chance to escape the city buzz and discover a place of peace and quiet. Here
you can spend some time alone, breathe in the fresh forest air, lie down on the moss carpet,
allowing your mind to be still. The watchtowers offer a panoramic view of endless green,
stretching as far as the horizon and concealing Forest Trail from the eyes of the visitor, but
the path is always there to safely lead you through the forest, along country roads through
small villages and several cities. The Forest Trail takes no days off and is always happy to
welcome hikers. To make it easier for the hiker to plan the Forest Trail adventure, the route is
divided into ~ 20 km long sections with accommodation and transport options. Detailed route
information on the website

The Northern part of Forest Trail is developed with the financial support of the European
Union and European Regional Development Fund Central Baltic Programme 2014–2020 and
within the cooperation of Latvian and Estonian partners (Latvian Country Tourism
Association, Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, Latvia’s State Forests, Vidzeme
Planning Region, Riga Planning Region, Estonian Rural Tourism Organization, Peipsimaa
Tourism, Setomaa Tourism, Okokuller, Pohja–Eesti Tourism).

Cooperation partners