The Forest Trail leads through the vast forests of Setomaa, along mires and moors, which are painted a fabulous shade of purple in September. This is a sparsely populated region, and hikers have the chance to really connect to the nature. At Lake Õrsava, the Forest Trail crosses several pedestrian bridges, circles around the lake and leads to the centre of Värska borough. Take your time to discover local Seto traditions and cuisine.

Practical information

Length: 22 km

Duration: 7-9 h

Starting point: Kolodavitsa by Koidula motorway

End point: Värska by Setomaa Tourist Information Point

The course of the route: Kolodavitsa‒ Säpina‒Õrsava‒Värska

Road surface: Small forest roads, trails, gravel roads, paved roads near Säpina and Värska.

Difficulty: Medium

Obstacles: Former railway bridge (arched tunnel) by Matsuri village, where water flows after spring showers. You may have to wade through or climb up/down the railway embankment.

Danger points: Be careful when walking on the side of the motorway!

Keep in mind! Some parts of the path from Kolodavitsa to Säpina and elsewhere may be covered in dense vegetation. Shoes and clothes may become wet in damp conditions. There are no shops or cafeterias on the Forest Trail from Obinitsa and Piusa caves to Värska. You can spend an entire day exploring the historical resort in Värska and the various trails in the vicinity of Väike-Rõsna.

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