Before going further down the Forest Trail, it is worth visiting the Avinurme wooden handicrafts centre, which has the richest selection of wickerwork in Estonia and offers various workshops such as basket weaving, felting, baking bread, candle making among many others. Up to the village of Separa, the Forest Trail passes through a large forest rich in bilberries, blueberries and mushrooms during late summer.

Practical information

Length: 16 km

Duration: 5-7 h

Starting point: Avinurme wooden handicrafts centre

End point: Lohusuu centre

The course of the route: Avinurme‒Separa‒Lohusuu

Road surface: Mainly gravel roads, paved roads in Avinurme and from Separa to Lohusuu

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: Be careful between Separa and Lohusuu, as the trail leads along a winding road.

Keep in mind! No tourist services available from Avinurme and Lohusuu.

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