1.5 km after Zaķi the Forest Trail turns off the Sēļi–Vireši road (P23) and continues on a small rural road all the way to Zvārtava, where Zvārtava Castle awaits at the end of a long alley. Having passed through Zvārtava, the Forest Trail returns to P23 and after a 2 km walk goes up a steep hill, reaching the centre of Gaujiena. A part of the section is located in the Northern Gauja (“Ziemeļgauja”) protected landscape area.

Practical information

Length: 15 km

Duration: 5 – 7 h

Starting point: Zaķi

End point: Gaujiena

The course of the route: Zaķi – Zvārtava – Gaujiena

Road surface: Gravel roads, paved roads in Gaujiena

Difficulty: easy

Danger points: Watch out for cars on winding gravel roads!

Keep in mind! There are no places to eat on the stretch of road between Strenči and Ape, and no shops between Strenči and Gaujiena, so be sure to take enough food with you.

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