Past “Rāmkalni”, the Forest Trail wanders up the steep banks of Gauja valley, passes through Gauja village and comes back down. Then it crosses river Lorupe and continues along the bends of river Gauja, passing one of the most spectacular outcrops of the river, the Velnala Cliffs, goes up to Ķeizarskats observation spot and circles down to Ķeizarkrēsls, adventure park “Mežakaķis” at Kaķīškalns and the Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track.

Practical information

Length: 19 km

Duration: 6 – 8 h

Starting point: Recreation park “Rāmkalni”

End point: Sigulda Railway Station Square

The course of the route: Leisure park “Rāmkalni” – Gauja – Viesulēni – Kaķīši – Sigulda (across Kalna, Šveices and Ausekļa streets)

Road surface: Mainly forest roads and trails, paved roads and sidewalks in Gauja village and Sigulda

Difficulty: medium

Danger points: Some stretches of road and river slopes in the ancient valley of Gauja may be slippery in damp conditions and winter. Swimming in Gauja River can be dangerous!

Keep in mind! The entire section of the Forest Trail falls within the territory of Gauja National Park.

Alternative route options: The road from Rāmkalni to Sigulda can be measured along the other (right) side of Gauja River, but the path sidetracks and does not run along the riverside at all times.

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