After leaving Värska, the Forest Trail turns northwest towards Värska Gulf of Lake Pskov. Having circled around in the forest, the trail leads to Laossina village, where the visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the religious traditions of the Seto people. This section of the Forest Trail passes through the Lake Peipus lowlands, so the terrain is flat. The land is mainly used for agriculture. After crossing the Võhandu River near Võõpsu village, the Forest Trail turns towards Räpina.

Practical information

Length: 25 km

Duration: 8-10 h

Starting point: Värska by Setomaa Tourist Information Point

End point: Ristipalo by the Estonian State Forest Management (RMK) Office

The course of the route: Värska‒Laossina‒Toomasmäe‒Varesmäe‒Võõpsu‒Ristipalo

Road surface: Paved road in Värska and the last 4 km of the distance; forest roads and trails, gravel roads.

Difficulty: Medium

Keep in mind! The only cafés are located in Värska and Räpina.

Alternative options: If you have travelled a long way, it is advised to take a day off and enjoy the Värska SPA and pool to give your body a break. The more active hikers can take a walk around the historical resort and the various trails in the vicinity of Väike-Rõsna.

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