At Saka manor, the Forest Trail ventures down a steep staircase to the seashore, where it continues along the beach for less than 6 km. At the villages of Moldova and Jabara, the Forest Trail moves back up the North-Estonian Klint (great scenery from the Viru Rise), passes through the village of Purtse, circles around the Purtse River and moves further down the narrow seacoast to Aseri. Shortly before arriving at the town, it climbs the slope of the klint again. Animal fossils can be observed by the seashore below the North-Estonian Klint, some of them hundreds of millions of years old.

Practical information

Length: 22 km

Duration: 8-10 h

Starting point: Saka manor

End point: Aseri municipality house

The course of the route: Saka‒Aa‒Moldova‒Purtse‒Liimala‒Aseri

Road surface: Sandy, sandy to rocky beaches, dirt and gravel roads, paved road in Aseri and between Purtse and Liimala

Difficulty: Hard

Obstacles: The Klint has formed several mass slides and mudslides in the section between Liimala and Aseri, which together with the vegetation‒ trees and bushes ‒ make walking difficult. The Trail may be overgrown before Aseri.

Danger points: Going near the top and bottom part of the North-Estonian Klint is dangerous, especially after spring and autumn showers, as it can collapse.

Keep in mind! During stronger north, northwest, or northeast winds, the narrow shore (beach) may be completely covered with water in places and thus not suitable for walking. Shoes with fixed ankles and walking poles will help you keep balance. Keep in mind that you cannot climb up or down the 50 m high North-Estonian Klint from any place on the beach.

Alternative options: If you cannot walk on the seashore because of the waves, take a bus from Purtse to Aseri that runs on the Tallinn‒Narva motorway.

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