Nearly half of this section runs on straight polder roads of the Lake Peipus lowlands. The polders are designed to protect the surrounding land from flooding in spring. The flat polder meadows are used for agriculture and grazing livestock. The section from Naha to Mehikoorma leads along the Räpina‒Mehikoorma roadway. A beautiful view of Lake Lämmijärv opens from the Mehikoorma Lighthouse. This lake is a narrowing between Lake Pskov and Lake Peipus. Russia lies on the other side of Lake Lämmijärv (1.7 km).

Practical information

Length: 23 km

Duration: 7-9 h

Starting point: Ristipalo by the Estonian State Forest Management (RMK) Office

End point: Mehikoorma village centre

The course of the route: Ristipalo‒Raigla‒Naha‒Meeksi‒Mehikoorma

Road surface: Paved roads for approximately half of the trail, gravel roads or polders for the remaining distance.

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: Be careful when walking along the side of the road!

Keep in mind! Roads in the polder meadows may be overgrown with long grass, so keep in mind that your feet will get wet in the morning dew and on rainy days. The only shops are located in Räpina and Mehikoorma. Stock up on groceries in Mehikoorma, as the next shop is located in Kavastu village at a two-day walk distance.

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