The stage fully justifies the name of the Forest Trail, as the next three days lead through one of Estonia’s largest wetlands, the Emajõe-Suursoo wetland, which is surrounded by extensive forest areas. The only settlement area between Jõepera and Ahja River is Järvselja, enclosed by forests. The terrain is flat, since the Forest Trail still runs through the Lake Peipus lowlands. The destination is located by the Ahja River, which is known for its scenic Devonian sandstone outcrops and a popular boat route.

Practical information

Length: 26 km

Duration: 8-10 h

Starting point: Mehikoorma village centre

End point: Lääniste village by the bridge over Ahja River

The course of the route: Mehikoorma‒Jõepera‒Järvselja‒Lääniste

Road surface: Gravel roads, paved road for 2 km

Difficulty: Medium

Danger points: Be careful when walking along small and winding rural roads!

Keep in mind! There are no shops or caterers between Mehikoorma and Kavastu (two-day walk)! No places of accommodation near Lääniste. Buses run between Järvselja and Lääniste a few times a day (about 15 min drive), so you can go back from the destination to Järvselja, stay the night and return to the starting point the following morning. If you are leaning towards this option, make sure to look at the bus schedules: . You can also ask the host whether he can pick you up with a car.

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