After passing through Sigulda, the Forest Trail follows the River Vējupīte to Mound Paradīzes, where a steep staircase leads down into the ancient valley of Gauja River and the ravine of River Vējupīte. It continues to wind down smaller paths through meadows, crossing small rivers whose banks reveal sandstone outcrops. The last six kilometres of this section follow a smaller path down Līgatne Nature Trails. As it draws closer to Līgatne, the Forest Trail moves up the hills of Gauja valley, before descending back down into the deep ravine of Līgatne River, where the village of the former Līgatne Paper Mill is located.

Practical information

Length: 24 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Starting point: Sigulda Railway Station Square

End point: Līgatne TIC

The course of the route: Sigulda (Pils street – Līvkalna street – Miera street) – Līgatne Nature Trails – Līgatne (across Dārza and Brīvības streets).

Road surface: Predominantly forest roads, forest and country trails, wooden stairs by Mound Paradīzes, paved roads and sidewalks in Sigulda and Līgatne.

Difficulty: medium

Danger points: Some stretches of trails and river slopes in the ancient valley of Gauja may be slippery in damp conditions and winter. Swimming in Gauja River can be dangerous!

Keep in mind! The Vējupīte ravine is a great cross-country skiing destination during snowy winters. The Nurmiži Nature Reserve is not open to visitors. During a spring flood or after prolonged or heavy rains near Nurmizupite river, there may be a flooded section of the road about 15-20 m long. The base of the road is gravel. The water is usually shallow and can be crossed by removing your shoes. Location coordinates: 57.194770, 24.895722

Alternative route options: You may take Gauja street in Sigulda – forest trails along the Gauja River will lead you to Vējupīte.

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