From here on, the Forest Trail passes through the newest member of Estonian national park family, the Alutaguse national park (several parts of the park in a wider area, to be exact), which was founded in 2018. The main objective of the park is the protection of Estonia’s largest coniferous forests and swamp areas. This is also one of the most sparsely populated areas of North-eastern Estonia.

Practical information

Length: 30 km

Duration: 10-12 h

Starting point: Remniku beach opposite Suvi wellness and recreation centre

End point: Kuremäe Convent

The course of the route: Remniku‒Imatu‒Kaatermu‒Kaidma‒Kuremäe

Road surface: Gravel forest roads, paved road in Kuremäe

Difficulty: Easy, if completed in two days, Hard,  if completed in one day

Keep in mind! It is advised to split this section in two days, spending the night in a tent in the picnic area of the Agusalu nature reserve by Lake Imatu. No services between Remniku and Kuremäe. The closest place offering services is Kuremäe.

Alternative options: You can also get from Alajõe to the Kuremäe Convent by following the respective section of the long-distance hiking trail Penijõe‒Aegviidu‒Kauksi (613 km) established by the Estonian State Forest Management Centre (RMK). This will take approximately three days.

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