The first part of this section passes through the fairytale-like Käsmu Peninsula with its wooded dunes and moss-covered rock fields. From Eru it continues along the Võsu‒Kotka road for 2 km, passes through Vihasoo village and further along the road, from where you can see Eru Bay and the Käsmu Peninsula. The section features some of the most impressive boulders in Lahemaa national park, the Tammispea and Jaani-Tooma boulders, which resemble huge monoliths. From Viinistu, you can spot the Mohni Island and its lighthouse in the distance.

Practical information

Length: 26 km

Duration: 8-10 h

Starting point: Käsmu village,

End point: Viinistu harbour

The course of the route: Käsmu‒Eru‒Vihasoo‒Kasispea‒Turbuneeme‒Viinistu

Road surface: A third of the distance comprises forest roads and trails, some gravel roads,  paved roads

Difficulty:  Hard, if completed in one day, Easy, if completed in two days

Danger points: Be careful when walking on the side of the road!

Keep in mind! There are no shops or caterers between the start and finish points of this section.

Alternative options: This section can be divided into two days: Käsmu‒Kasispea (18 km and an overnight stay) and Kasispea‒Viinistu (8 km and an overnight stay), or take the bus in the section between Kasipea and Viinistu, just don’t forget to check the bus timetables before. Another possibility is to skip the Pärispea peninsula altogether and go straight from Vihasoo to Loksa (app. 3 km).

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