Behind the village of Vainupea, the Forest Trail enters the first Estonian national park ‒ Lahemaa, which means “the land of bays” in Estonian. For the next five and a half days, the Forest Trail will continue along the bays and peninsulas of Lahemaa national park, introducing the hikers to its most significant natural and cultural heritage. Special attention must be paid to the rules of the park. On this day, the Forest Trail passes through beautiful and quiet coastal forests, where mushrooms grow abundantly in autumn. It passes through the scenic Altja fishing village. The section comes to an end at Oandu in the visitor centre of the Estonian State Forest Management (RMK), where hikers can learn more about forest habitat types and forest management traditions.

Practical information

Length: 15 km

Duration: 5-7 h

Starting point: Eisma harbour

End point: Oandu visitor centre

The course of the route: Eisma‒Vainupea‒Mustoja‒Altja‒Oandu

Road surface: Mainly small forest roads and trails, sandy beach for a small stretch of the road. Paved road from Eisma to Vainupea and from Altja to Oandu.

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: Be careful when walking on the side of the road!

Keep in mind! The closest shop to Oandu is at a full day’s walk.

Alternative options: There are several nature trails around Oandu; you can linger here for another day or so and visit them.

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