Behind Vasavere, the Forest Trail continues through the Kurtna landscape reserve, encircles over a peat bog, crosses the town of Oru, passes through the Voka River valley and arrives at the Baltic Sea, where it turns west. Here, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, rises the North-Estonian Klint – a steep, rocky and forest-covered cliff that stretches non-continuously to Tallinn and further to the islands of West-Estonia. The Forest Trail runs on top of the cliff and occasionally descends into valleys. It crosses the deep and vast Pühajõgi valley in the Toila-Oru park and comes to Toila, a popular coastal resort.

Practical information

Length: 25 km

Duration: 8-10 h

Starting point: Alutaguse recreation and sports centre.

End point: Toila SPA Hotel

The course of the route: Vasavere‒Oru‒Voka‒Toila park‒Toila

Road surface: Forest roads and paths, park and meadow paths, gravel roads, pavement in populated areas

Difficulty: Medium

Danger points: Be careful when crossing the Tallinn-Narva motorway (No. 1) and walking along the road! Do not approach the steep and rocky seashore as it may collapse!

Keep in mind! The slopes of Voka River valley may be slippery.

Alternative options: If you take Pargi street in the Voka village, you can shorten the route by 3 km.

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