Before you continue the hike, consider visiting the seaside to take a look at the giant quarries. These quarries have produced clay for brick production for a very long time and are still used today. Behind Aseri, the Forest Trail passes through a former Soviet military territory, moves along the top of the North-Estonian Klint for about a kilometre, offering beautiful views of the Gulf of Finland, passes the Kalvi manor and continues further along the road towards Mahu. It crosses a beautiful forested area behind the Pada River (nature reserve), then comes to the seashore and continues through coastal forests until Mahu.

Practical information

Length: 20 km

Duration: 7-9 h

Starting point: Aseri municipality house

End point: Mahu village by the Mahu beach

The course of the route: Aseri‒Kalvi‒Kurna‒Koila‒Mahu

Road surface: Paved roads, gravel and dirt roads

Difficulty: Easy

Obstacles: There are pastures between Aseri and Kalvi that may be enclosed by a regular or electric fence.

Danger points: Watch out for barbed wire and sharp objects in the territory of the former military base. Be careful when walking on the side of the road!

Keep in mind! Approaching the edge of the North-Estonian Klint is dangerous because it can collapse. There are no shops and places to eat near the Forest Trail between Mahu and Kunda (the destination of the next day). For more information regarding accommodations, take a look at the next section.

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