Apart from the Alajõe village, the Forest Trail winds along the coast of the beautiful Lake Peipus. During the summer, when the water level in the lake is lower, beautiful, sandy beaches with wide shallows appear. Past Alajõe, the highest dunes of Lake Peipus (up to 20 m) rise on the landscape, providing a distant view of Lake Peipus, one of the largest lakes in Europe.

Practical information

Length: 13 km

Duration: 5-6 h

Starting point: Kuru beach near the Kuru shop and café

End point: Remniku beach opposite Suvi wellness and recreation centre

The course of the route: Kuru‒Uusküla‒Katase‒Alajõe‒Remniku

Road surface: Mainly sandy beaches, paved road and trails in the Alajõe village

Difficulty: Easy

Obstacles: The Alajõgi River must be crossed via a bridge in the village of Alajõe. Other small rivers become dry during the summer, or you can wade through them.

Keep in mind! There are only some shops and cafés (mostly seasonal) on the northern shore of Lake Peipus, so be sure to plan ahead and bring enough food with you, especially if you plan to go further to Kuremäe, where no services will be available for the next two days.

Alternative options: You can take another day to walk along the shores of Lake Peipus to Vasknarva (11 km) and visit the ruins of the stronghold of the Livonian Order in Vasknarva overlooking Russia on the opposite shore of the River Narva. You can travel back to Remniku by bus (or walk), just be sure to plan your trip ahead by checking the bus schedules on www.peatus.ee

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