The stretch of road between Gaujiena and Līzespasts leads through remote forests, surrounded by large swamps. Mežciems is the only settlement here, and there are no solitary homesteads. Further along, the 5 km walk from Līzespasts to Trapene features open agricultural landscapes with lush meadows and landscapes typical of western Alūksne hillocks. About half of these 5 km lead through the breath-taking Trapene larch alley.

Practical information

Length: 21 km

Duration: 7 – 9 h

Starting point: Gaujiena

End point: Trapene

The course of the route: Gaujiena  – Līzespasts  – Trapene

Road surface: Mainly gravel roads. Paved road in the section between Līzespasts and Trapene.

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: The roadway through Trapene larch alley is narrow and winding, so be careful and observe safety rules!

Keep in mind! The only shops are located at the starting and end points. No places to eat between Strenči and Ape.

Alternative route options: Līzespasts–Trapene section can be travelled by bus (in the evening).

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