From Caunītes, the Forest Trail leads through mesmerising pine forests and wetlands, across and around hills and slopes. One of the most beautiful views of the River Gauja opens from Sietiņiezis, and it might be worth devoting some extra time to visit the Sietiņiezis Nature Trail. The further road stretches along farmsteads and through forests, until reaching Valmiera. After Valmiera bypass, the Forest Trail leads down urban sidewalks, while the last stretch of road – from the so-called “Dzelzītis” (a narrow-gauge railway bridge) to Cēsu street – follows a wooded path along the Gauja River.

Practical information

Length: 20 km

Duration: 6 – 8 h

Starting point: “Caunītes”

End point: Valmiera, Cēsu street bridge over Gauja

The course of the route: “Caunītes” – Sietiņiezis – Valmiera bypass – Jumaras street – Leona Paegles street – “Dzelzītis” – Plostnieku street

Road surface: Small forest or country roads, trails, gravel roads, paved roads and sidewalk in Valmiera and the surrounding area, paths and wooden staircases in the Sietiņiezis Nature Trail.

Difficulty: easy

Danger points: Swimming in Gauja River can be dangerous! Be careful on the narrow and winding road around Jumara!

Keep in mind! There are no shops on the two-day walk between Cēsis and Valmiera.

Alternative route options: It might be a good idea to combine this section of the trail with visiting some of the tourist sites in Valmiera.

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