After leaving Ape, the Forest Trail winds through a hilly farmland landscape, then enters a dark forest massive, occasionally interrupted by the blue surfaces of lakes. After Peļļi, the Forest Trail moves down the same path as Peļļi trail, crosses the Latvian/Estonian border and winds along the shores of Lakes Smilšājs, Sūneklis and Ilgājs for 2 km on the Estonian side, known as Paganamaa (translation: Devil’s Land). There it descends and enters the Korneti-Peļļi subglacial depression, one of the most impressive ravines in Latvia. The Forest Trail returns to Latvia at Ilgājs and, after a steep climb, takes you through a hilly area to the Drusku castle mound. The Forest Trail descends in Korneti. It is less than 3 km from the centre of Korneti to the Latvian/Estonian border. Features beautiful landscapes on the banks of Lake Lielais Baltiņš and Lake Mazais Baltiņš along the route. The section is located in the protected landscape area “Veclaicene”.

Practical information

Length: 25 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Starting point: Ape

End point: Korneti or the Latvian/Estonian border. The closest public transport to the border is in Korneti (2.6 km).

The course of the route: Ape – Dauškāni – Peļļi – Paganamaa (In Estonia) – Renci – Druskas – Korneti – Latvian/Estonian border

Road surface: Gravel roads, forest trails, nature trails, wooden stairs, pavement in Ape and Korneti.

Difficulty: Hard, if completed in one day

Danger points: The slopes of ravines and hills may be slippery in damp conditions.

Keep in mind! The route crosses the Latvian/Estonian border (2 km through Estonia), so be sure to bring an ID. The only shops are located in Ape and Korneti. There are no places to eat from Ape to the Estonian border and further to Haanja (2–3 days walk).

Alternative route options: This section can be completed in two days, staying over in one of the places of accommodation.

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