The Forest Trail leads down from the highest point of the Haanja Upland, circles around the southern part of Lake Vaskna, and continues down small country roads surrounded by solitary homesteads and small clusters of farms. The hills along the route are covered in trees, but areas on the gentler slopes have been cultivated. As the village of Tsiistre draws closer, the landscape shows the presence of agricultural land, which turn into fields of gold by the end of the summer.

Practical information

Length: 12 km

Duration: 4-6 h

Starting point: Haanja village by Suur Munamägi

End point: Tsiistre village house

The course of the route: Haanja‒Kirbu‒Pari‒Tsiistre

Road surface: Paved road for the first 3 km, rural gravel roads for the remaining distance

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: Be careful on the smaller and winding rural roads!

Keep in mind! There are no shops or places to eat in this section past Haanja.

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