The first 6 kilometres of the Forest Trail lead along P44 until it turns North on the Ādams–Ape road. 4 km before the Riga–Pskov motorway (A2), the Forest Trail passes through a magnificent, dense forest, which is a popular spot for foraging berries and mushrooms in Autumn. After the Riga–Pskov highway, the Forest Trail runs through agricultural lands until it reaches the centre of Ape, one of the smallest towns in Latvia, after crossing the former Ape–Valka narrow-gauge railway line.

Practical information

Length: 19 km

Duration: 6 – 8 h

Starting point: Trapene

End point: Ape

The course of the route: Trapene – Ādams – Ape

Road surface: Mainly gravel roads, Paved road in Trapene and Ape

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: Watch out for cars on winding roads. Be careful when crossing Riga–Pskov motorway!

Keep in mind! The only shops are located at the start and finish points. The working hours of café “Krodziņš” in Ape is 12:00–16:00 and it is closed on weekends.

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