Hemp farm “Adzelvieši”

Hemp’s path from the field to the table. Tours and tastings. Stories and folk songs.

Hemp has been grown in Latvia for thousands of years. The small seeds contain a lot of vital power, warm smells, strong tastes and satiety. You can get to know hemp’s path from the field to the table at the farm “Adzelvieši” near Burtnieku Lake. Jānis Grīnbergs, together with his wife Dzidra and his son’s family, cultivates the fertile land, grows outstanding hemp and vegetables, cares for bees and awaits visitors.

As the legend goes: hemp must be seeded at night so that birds don’t see it and do not pick the seeds up from the soil. Indeed, birds do love hemp seeds. After harvesting, the seeds are gently roasted until they start to smell pleasantly. In the past centuries, during Livonian times, hemp was pushed into a mortar. Nowadays they are milled by machine, adjusting the grind to the necessary fineness. The farm “Adzelvieši” distinguishes between coarser grind and finer grind hemp. The third type is flattening, whereby the seeds become lighter and brighter, as not so much oil is produced.

A thick stack is made from the finer grind, while the coarse grind can be spread on a bun with cottage cheese. Bakers of bread like to add flattened hemp seed crumbles, as dearly called by some, to a mixture of different seeds, which is then mixed into the bread dough.

What does hemp taste like? The taste is nutty and distinct. The farmer’s wife likes to add freshly squeezed hemp oil to salad. Finished salad is sprinkled with the flattened crumbles. Hemp can be enjoyed with smoked bacon. In Medieval Times, the small seeds were very valuable, and they were mixed with pig fat or butter for austerity.

Even desserts are made of hemp, bread and fresh honey at “Adzelvieši”. You can taste special milk candies “Gotiņa” produced in cooperation with “Adzelvieši” in Saldus, or chocolate “Trikāta” with crispy hemp seeds.

“Adzelvieši” welcomes tourists, the tour lasts for about an hour and a half, during which you will get to know the old farm, see and hear all about hemp and, of course, taste the various delicacies. People surprise their family or friends by treating them with a trip to “Adzelvieši”. There are not only bodily pleasures, but also something for the spirit – the farmer’s wife Dzidra loves to recite some good folk songs about hemp.