Hotel Wolmar Restaurant Agnese

Hotel Wolmar. Restaurant “Agnese”. Latvian cuisine – world cuisine. Exquisite and elegant banquets. Pancakes on Sunday mornings. Themed events. Beauty services. Water procedures. Conference & Celebration Hall. Talking parrot.

“Hi!” – this is how the pet parrot Charlie of Hotel Wolmar Restaurant “Agnese” greets its guests. However, this is not all he can say. “Your order?”, “Here you go!”, “Thank you!” – having worked here for many years, Charlie has obtained the hospitality of a polite host. The Hotel is named after the medieval name of Valmiera. The Danes would like to think that it was given in honour of King Valdemar, but the Russians would argue that it was to honour Vladimir of Pskov. In the 14th century, thanks to its strategic location, the city of Wolmar became a member of the Hanseatic League, where people traded, travelled, fought in wars, celebrated and loved.

Celebrations and adventures – this might describe the concept of the Restaurant. The interior features a collection of a young girl’s personal travel impressions that fit well with the ancient Hanseatic city. Travels to return home with new impressions and have them embodied into this life. The menu includes a lot of Latvian food from local goods – free-range hen eggs, zander from Burtnieku Lake, juniper-smoked buck, dried deer, roots, mushrooms, vegetables, Rauna whole wheat pasta and appetizing sauces. From travels around the world, recipes for hot sushi, pizza, tiger prawns and curries have been brought home. For the sweet conclusion we return to Latvia – rye bread, Riga Black Balsam, blackcurrant and fresh cheese cream in fine layers. Or maybe dried cranberry ice cream with pear and pumpkin meringue, covered with mint chocolate? Or what about apple mush glazed with lingonberries, with Latvian rye bread gel? Spruce resin and lingonberry ice cream with bee bread and cranberries in icing sugar? The centenary of Latvia was honoured with sour cream mush with cranberries. Finding the perfect harmony of sweet, sour and slightly bitter.

The rich buffet tables at Restaurant “Agnese” are praised by many. The Restaurant participates in the Valmiera Restaurant Week. The Hotel serves great breakfast, and there are pancakes on Sundays. The Restaurant organizes themed dinners. Candle light dinner is also very romantic. Afterwards, you can easily stay overnight in the cozy rooms of the Hotel, and start your day the next morning full of energy.