Restaurant Vecpuisis

A place of joy, peace and relaxation. A menu for all tastes. Pleasant interior. Great atmosphere. Concerts nearby. Lunch offer. Brunch on the last Sunday of the month. Banquets.

During the Livonian Hanseatic League, unmarried merchants established the Brotherhood of Blackheads. Most likely, travelling from Riga to Tartu and St. Petersburg, they stopped at Valmiera, then Volmar. They were brave, armed travellers of the world and, of course, enjoyers of life. The desire for freedom and adventure was not alien to the eight bachelors who, in 1914 in Valmiera, put together a thousand rubles to buy a plot of land in the city centre to establish a park and a pavilion there – a place where people would meet, life would sparkle and celebration would never end.

In 2015, in the very same place, Restaurant “Vecpuisis” (bachelor) was opened here as a reminder of everything this hundred-year-old concept embodies. Pleasant interior. The photographs of the bachelors of the previous century decorate the walls. Lovely asymmetrical flowerpots hang from the ceiling. There is an outdoor terrace and courtyard available in warm weather. With demographics in mind, “Vecpuisis” offers options for children to play.

The menu includes everything the heart might desire, whether you are a convinced vegetarian or a steak and fish lover. Everything is fresh, locally grown and in a pleasant amount. “Vecpuisis” loves fishing. The speciality of the Culinary Road of Livonia is fresh zander from Lake Burtnieki, but the catch of the day is also offered. The catch is good. “Vecpuisis” loves good coffee, cakes and desserts from seasonal berries and fruits. To enlighten the mood, there are different varieties of beer and other drinks.

“Vecpuisis” has a lunch offer every week day. On special occasions, “Vecpuisis” surprises its guests with a multi-layered taste adventure at a special price. Next to the restaurant is the Valmiera Concert Hall. It is up to you, whether you want to enjoy music before or after dinner. Even a hundred years ago, the bachelors realised that the pleasures of the flesh and spirit should be in balance.