Restaurant Jāņoga

Modern Latvian flavours. Personal attitude. Sturgeon and trout from a nearby farm. Freshly baked cakes and buns.

Perhaps the old pavement of the Hanseatic city of Cēsis still remembers travellers who arrived in the city many centuries ago thirsty and hungry. At that time, the offer of local pubs was relatively small, but the descriptions mention that there was cooked crayfish available. During season, the menu of cafe “Jāņoga” offers sturgeon soup with crayfish tails. Sturgeon comes from a nearby farm and is fresh, just like trout. Anyone who does not have access to fish fresh out of water could envy the fresh fish offer at cafe “Jāņoga”. Indeed, it is just like M. Bugalkov said in his work “Master and Margarita” – salmon can have only one freshness. There is no such thing as a second freshness.

Cafe “Jāņoga” is a dream project of its owner Jānis Sproģis, who made it come true in 2017, combining Latvian tastes, experiences accumulated elsewhere in the world, modern possibilities and cooking technologies. Nowadays there is a tendency – good chefs dare to open their restaurants outside the capital and experience real success stories. It can be closer to farmers, which allows them to serve their fresh produce. Cafe “Jāņoga” uses plenty of local greens, vegetables, there is a wide variety of meat and cheese dishes, supplemented by sauces and spices. There are fascinating names in the menu – popcorn from pearl barley or caviar from cucumbers; there are also dishes from the traditional cuisine of other countries. Much effort is put to provide delicious dishes for vegetarians and vegans, and people with different dietary habits and diets every day.

Served with hemp oil, bread is also baked here together with the second chef Edgars Sanders. Here you can also get temptingly fresh baked cakes – from the juicy Latvian honey cake to French éclair. Long breakfast is served on Sundays. During the winter season, guests from ski slopes are particularly welcome.