Outdoor Pizzeria/Pizza Baking School Vīnkalni

Delicious food. Latvian farmhouse and landscape. The new life of old things. Rituals and events. Festivity walls. A piece of Italy in Latvia.

Guest house “Vīnkalni” In Beverīna County is managed by Zanda Žentiņa and family. Hospitality is the essence of Zanda, everyone here feels at home, pampered at the table and also spiritually. The family respects ancient virtues and rituals. Zanda hosts guests dressed in an ancient Latgalian folk costume. Various antiques are treated with respect here, which after restoration are looking for new uses and owners.

Zanda is involved in the HansaEatic program, offering guests three meals created to celebrate the old ruler of Beverīna – Tālivaldis. Ingredients may vary slightly in each season, but each one of them will be extremely fresh and grown locally.

An appetizer to lighten the mood – Sausmanis ar staku un čarku. It combines the velvety smoothness of gray peas and the crispness of hemp seeds. To encourage conversation, a cup of aromatic lager is offered with the snack. Stultes zostē – the name of the main course echoes our ancient historical ties with Germans. A juicy pork or chicken leg is supplemented with the strong aromas of cumin, garlic and yarrow and loose barley grains. For a sweet finish, Zanda offers the Latvian biguzis or ambrosia, where home-made bread, whipped cream and garden or forest berries are layered in perfect harmony. Enjoying the meal takes place in a restored, stone-paved stall, listening to the stories of the hostess.

You must book the Tālivaldis Feast in advance by contacting the hostess at least five days in advance. “Vīnkalni” also offers pizza baking in a firewood stove and organising celebrations. Wines are grown on the farm.