Household product shop Pie Karlīnes

Artisan delicacies. Green cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies. Craftsmen products. Gifts. Natural cosmetics. Zero waste clothing.

Shop “Pie Karlīnes” in Cēsis, the old Hanseatic League city, is a real treasure chest. Everyone who cares for clean food and nature, who loves exploring, thinking and finding, will enjoy it.

Shopkeeper Sigeta Briede was once involved in a “direct purchase group”, a commune where organic food producers deliver it to customers without intermediaries, while voluntarily participating in weighing and packing goods. Becoming more and more interested in healthy food, Sigeta started to mix natural goods into green cocktails, squeeze juice with a slow-press method. For herself. For friends. And began to dream about her own shop in Cēsis, as good ideas are exciting.

Freshly made green cocktails of weed, nettle, blackcurrant leaves and spruce sprouts, freshly squeezed juices from various vegetables and berry smoothies are waiting for lucky locals in a cold glass case. The manufacturer of “Veselīgu produktu fabrika” (the Healthy Products Factory), a brand also created by Sigeta, provides entertaining and historically educated descriptions of ingredients: in older times, carrots were considered as dwarf treats; there used to be a belief that if you bring a bowl of boiled carrots to the forest, you will find a gold rod in that place in the morning; strawberry seeds have been found already in the archaeological excavations of the Stone Age, but came to the royal gardens of Europe only in the 15th century; wild raspberries were already known in ancient Greece and Rome; in Greece raspberries were considered a symbol of love, and they still are. There is plenty of educational information about the nutritional value of ingredients and their beneficial effects.

These products can be ordered in Cēsis for delivery. If you want to taste cocktails first, the shop offers green cocktail tastings for groups of up to 20 people.

The shop offers healthy snacks, artisan food and drinks, natural cosmetics, Latvian souvenirs, craftwork and zero waste clothes sewn from worn, clean clothes.