Hotel Kārļamuiža

Cozy accommodation in a family-run hotel. Gorgeous landscapes. Peace, calm and harmony. Countryside restaurant. Excellent breakfast. Place for celebrations. Country bathhouse.

Manor “Kārļamuiža” is located in Gauja National Park, in the ancient valley of the Amata River, near Cēsis. The surrounding area is full of natural beauty at any time of the year, and you can walk along the nearby nature trails. The history of the manor, which has been thoroughly studied and described by the owners on the website, has been full of adventures for three centuries, and was owned by famous aristocratic families. Historical images decorate the manor’s beautiful interiors. Interestingly, many years ago the manor decided to offer travellers accommodation for money. Nowadays, the owners of manor “Kārļamuiža” are Jānis and Baiba Stepiņš, who have created here a Latvian island of peace, harmony and hospitality.

The hostess herself makes meals for the guests of manor “Kārļamuiža”. Countryside goods are served, including those grown organically in their own garden. There is a forest with berries and mushrooms nearby, and gourmets are offered chanterelles in autumn, baked in real butter and cream. Yellow pumpkin soup is a favourite of guests. The pride of this place – trout farmed by the Kārļi family, with its silvery shine turning into a tender, juicy dish. Baiba bakes it in the oven. Chicken and turkey dishes are also popular with guests. In special occasions lamb ragout with vegetables is prepared on live fire. Dessert is made of rhubarb and vitamin-filled forest berries. The hostess makes tempting apple tart from apples from the manor’s garden. Food is cooked by loving hands as if for beloved ones, which is also reflected in the feedback of guests.

The hotel’s guests enjoy the rich breakfast. The restaurant offers a table d’hote menu, which means “the host’s table”, and is a common format in European boarding houses and guesthouses – guests can choose from three daily specials for a fixed fee. It varies, depending on the season.

Traditionally Latvian midsummer solstice is celebrated at manor “Kārļamuiža”, midsummer cheese and beer is made. As the owner himself is Jānis, the family has many traditions, such as collecting midsummer plants, making oak wreaths, having fire rituals and singing folk songs, as well as providing refreshments for midsummer visitors. Latvian traditions can also be enjoyed in a country bathhouse with herbal brooms.