Cēsu Castle

Cēsis Medieval Castle ruins. Vendi Hillfort. Medieval herb and medical plant garden. “Medieval Days” with magnificent feasts. Museum. Exhibitions.

The history of Cēsis Castle is associated with the Livonian time, the Livonian Brothers of the Sword and the Teutonic Order, medieval travellers, monks and local farmers. Tourists can explore the old hillfort and the ruins of the Castle. From spring to autumn, visitors can enjoy a medieval herb and medical plant garden in the Castle’s courtyard, where the planting beds have high edges fixed with hazelnut poles – the way it was done back in the day. It turns out that it is easier to care for plants and protect them from weeds this way. Archaeological excavations and studies by historians have revealed a lot of interesting things – what was grown for the needs of the inhabitants of the Castle, what they ate, drank, how they washed, how they treated ailments and took care of their beauty. The gardeners of the Castle will tell you about what plants were used for spices, for drinks, how fasting was done, how magnificent where the feasts.

Each year, Cēsis Castle hosts thematic “Medieval Days” with gorgeous costumes, exhibitions of ancient craft skills, rituals, music, games and fun. Food is made in open air using bread oven, large pots on fire, where barley porridge is boiled or sauerkraut is sautéed with delicious pig ribs and black plums. Only such ingredients, spices, tableware and utensils are used that were available in the medieval times.

During the winter season, inside the Castle various celebrations are organised in medieval-like atmosphere, where guests can enjoy pig’s head, beaver’s jelly, cherry pudding and other delicacies. Every event is different, the museum staff keep on wanting to discover new and unknown aspects of the medieval life.

Follow Cēsis Castle website or Facebook page for event offers. There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of Cēsis.