The agreement of development Via Hanseatica has been made on 15 June 2001 in Estonia. During the years a lot of destination marketing and developing organizations worked together in many projects. If you have some ideas how we can do some cooperation, please contact the organisation who presents your country!


The main contact organizations of any questions about Via Hanseatica:

in Latvia Vidzeme Planning Region, contact person Ilze Liepa,;

in Estonia Tartu County Tourism, contact person: Annika Ojasaar,;

in Russia Leontief Centre, contact person: Elena Belova,


Via Hanseatica Plus contacts


Sille Talvet-Unt, overall coordination and fin. management,

Annika Ojasaar, local and Estonian coordinator, overall marketing coordinator, represents the lead partner Tartu County Tourism,

Olga Iakimenko, Russian coordinator, represents the partner St. Petersburg City Government State Geological Unitary Company «Mineral»,

Vivian Lepa, local coordinator from partner Museums of Virumaa,

Kristina Ernits, local coordinator from partner Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre,

Amira Amirova, local coordinator from partner Tourist Information Centre of Leningrad Region,

Petr Fomin, represents partner Administration of Vyborg municipal district,

Kristina Kobyz, represents partner Committee of Cross-border Cooperation and Tourism of the City Government of Pskov,

Yulia Khelde, local coordinator from partner Committee of culture and tourism of the Gatchina municipal District,