The first cookbook in Latvian was released more than two centuries ago. It was published in 1795 in Vidzeme, near Valmiera, by the German priest of Rubene Christoph Harder. The cookbook “The First Cookery Book Translated from German books” surprises with its ambition and volume: 414 food recipes on 334 pages and a wide range of dishes are available. It reflects the tastes and eating habits of noblemen’ families in the 18th century.

The first cookbook experienced a revival in 2017, when it became an inspiration for the culinary route “Taste Hanseatica”, which is part of the gourmet route “Flavours of Livonia” in Latvia and Estonia.

Currently, 4 cooking videos of 200 years old recipes are available for food lovers and those who want to learn about old cooking traditions. Get inspired by culinary heritage and try the recipes from the first cookbook with Signe Meirāne, a famous Latvian food blogger! It’s a pleasure of eyes and stomach! Taste it!


355th recipe “Lemon and almond tart”, 414th recipe “Lemon sorbet”


169th recipe “Ducks with capers and shadbush berries”, 339th recipe “Pate from cauliflower”


402nd recipe “Small pancakes with pressed apples”


31st recipe “Soup with chickpeas” and 292nd recipe “Boiled spinach”