Farm Zilūži

Excellent quality milk. Delicious dairy products. Country eggs. Milk tour around the farm. Tastings.

On the farm “Zilūži” the Grasbergs family is engaged in dairy farming in the second generation. There have been successful times, as well as worse times, after which it was decided to process milk into products with higher added value. Feeling joy and pride of their achievements, the family now welcomes guests, who want to see cows, experience the milk tour, walking across a green meadow through corn and cereal fields, passing the beautiful Lake of Zilūži, relax in the shade of linden trees, have a look in the farm, see the equipment, factory premises and, finally, get to the tasting.

“Zilūži” offers excellent quality milk and kefir, yoghurt, sweet and sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, cheese and ice cream. The special recipes of the Grasbergs family allow the products to ripen naturally without the addition of stabilisers and preservatives. The products contain healthy lactic bacteria.

The tasting offers everything from the above, but guests usually praise ice cream from natural cream and milk. In total, seven varieties of ice cream is made – classic strawberry, blueberry, cherry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Two are more original – the freshly sour quince ice cream and the specialty grilled ice cream praised by people with a sweet tooth. Caramelised oat flakes are mixed into this ice cream. At tastings ice cream is served in waffle cups, but it can be bought in bigger containers. For more information on purchasing options, see the website.  Also available are eggs of free-range hens.

Come visit us in nice weather – then you will be able to see the pride of the Grasbergs family – the magnificent garden cherished by mum, thanks to which “Zilūži” was awarded Most Beautiful Farm 2017 in the competition organised by the magazine “Ievas Māja”. Please book your visit in advance!