Farm Veckūkuri

Cow farm and raw milk products. Brand “Mans piens”. Yoghurt. Butter and cheese balls with additives. Fresh cheese desserts with berries.

Farm “Veckūkuri” is located in a place with an ancient history of dairy farming, information of which can be found as early as the 19th century. Nowadays, “Veckūkuri” is managed by Ilvija Jakovina, the name is borrowed from her grandmother’s home near Strenči. In “Veckūkuri” an exclusive line of raw milk products is made from the farm’s own milk under the brand “Mans piens” (My Milk).

If you come visit, Ilvija will tell you a lot about the history of dairy farming, which has changed a lot over time, but the special role of milk in Latvian rituals and traditions has been preserved. The biggest difference from the olden days – there was no milk in winter, because the cows were expecting calves. Nowadays it is hard to imagine long months without milk or cream and butter, so we must appreciate what seems so accessible and self-evident today. We also use a lot of new products in our everyday life, which manufacturers have developed for greater variety and healthier lifestyle.

The innovation of “Veckūkuri” is yoghurt from fresh milk. In addition to the classics, “Veckūkuri” offers a variety of nutritious and healthy cereal flake and berry or fruit yoghurt. For lovers of Latvian flavours – with rye bread and plums or cranberries, nuts, apples and cinnamon. Also delicious fresh cheese desserts with berries, spices or hemp butter and yoghurt sauce are made here. “Veckūkuri” has received the award “Latvia Export 2015” for the introduction new natural export products – fresh cheese balls in oil with various delicious additives, such as boletus, chives, herbs, garlic and pistachios. The farm also offers free-range hen eggs.

While visiting the farm, you will be able to meet the cows, see how milk is processed, how the amazing products are made and, of course, taste a little from everything. Ilvija can cook soup on live fire for the guests. It is served with zero additives yoghurt and bread with a variety of butters. Book your visit in advance!