Farm Ozoliņi

Herbal tea farm “Ozoliņi”. Oak alley. Healing herbal tea workshops. Mandala creation. Camps. Voluntary work. Tea shop. Gifts.

Several decades ago Dima and Brigita Lūkins found their place of happiness and harmony at farmhouse “Ozoliņi”. Once after baking bread Brigita put clover leaves in the still warm oven following an old Latvian recipe. This moment caused a revelation of something very valuable that Brigita no longer wanted to lose in her life. The tea smelled so good she wanted to enjoy it every day for the rest of her life. This is how the path of the herbal tea brand “Lauku tēja” (Country Tea) begun.

Since the 1990s, Brigita has become a producer of herbal teas, developing a wide range of offers of the brand Country Tea, such as “Classic”, “Anna”, “Golden Dream” and others. Her daughter-in-law is also involved in the tea rituals. She organises mandala making events from selected tea plants. Evita Lūkina explains: “The soul of plants speaks to use directly. You just need to stop for a moment and enjoy the peace and silence. Plants teach us rhythm, transition, detachment, serving to the purpose for which they are given here on earth. Plants are great assistants on our way to being whole allowing us to live a happy, peaceful life.” Evita says that tea felt with our hearts and tips of our fingers is the right tea to enjoy. Echinacea, peppermint, black currant leaves, clover flowers and many more – everyone can find the plants they need.

There are more than 50 different plants that the forest-surrounded farm collects, dries, mixes and packs for storage and sale every summer. In summer, people from Latvia and other countries come to “Ozoliņi”. The farm is engaged in the Work away movement, which is looking for volunteers around the world through a website.

The farm features Lake Bezdibeņezers, which they call the lake of tea due to the colour of its bog water. The Lūkins family have their own 300-year old oak that heals, listens and answers. Come visit us, booking in advance! Groups of up to 12 people are welcome.