Holiday home and organic farm Indrāni

Organic farm. Landscape of Vidzeme. Herbal teas, jams, syrups and marmalades. Holiday house. Hay hotel. Garden fireplace. Fishing. Cross-country skiing in winter.

The biologically certified farm “Indrāni” is located in Amata County, Skujene Parish, surrounded by pure nature. The Margevičs family – Liene with her husband and kids, grow different vegetables, berries, plants, collaborate with eco-shops, produce various healthy delicacies and wait for guests.

In Livonian times, tea was used only to improve health, and from that time onwards valuable knowledge about the use of flowers, herbs, roots and berries against various types of ailments has been passed on, generation after generation. From early spring until late autumn, the working hands of “Indrāni” collect, dry, crush, mix and weigh a wide variety of natural pharmacy plants – fireweed, chamomile, red clover, black currant leaves, mint – the list is very long.

A spoon of delicious jam tastes so good with tea. Liene makes them from self-grown rhubarb, strawberries, black currants and cherries. At the end of the summer, lingonberries are collected in the nearby forest for making jam. The ability to preserve local vitamins for the long winter period allows to fill countless jars with canned pumpkins, squash, crispy cucumbers, spicy beetroot and aromatic syrups. The farm has a herb garden, where parsley, celery, dill, coriander and peppers are grown, which are dried and made into aromatic powders to be added to meals in winter.

Try Liene’s marmalade candy made of heather, fireweed, hibiscus, linden blossom, pumpkin, chamomile, red clover and peppermint – sweets without added colouring and other additives. Also with gingerbread, beer and martini flavour. They can be used for decorating cakes.

Come visit farm “Indrāni” and taste the delicious products, contacting us beforehand. You can also stay overnight in the well-equipped holiday cottage at the pond where fish are waiting for fisherman. Or vice versa. Look for “Indrāni” goods in Latvian eco stores and markets. They can also be purchased at online store Etsy.