Winery Matilde

Winery “Matilde” offers a variety of unique wines and vermouths made from berries and flowers from the garden, meadow, forest and marsh.

In ancient Hansa, wine was brought from other lands and enjoyed in manors, castles and the homes of the rich. Today, this spirituous drink has conquered its place alongside traditional Latvian beer. In his rural estate “Bilderi”, Edmunds Bilders has turned wine making into a lifestyle. The wine brand and the label design are related to warm family stories. Matilde was Edmunds’s grandmother. Childhood memories brought him back to the time when she waited for Edmunds returning from school looking through the window. The open window drawn by Edmunds’s niece decorates the golden and pink wine bottles.

Edmunds enjoys wine making as a creative process, looking for new bouquets of flavour, combining different berries, flowers and herbs in one wine. The offer includes from semi-dry to sweet wines. Juicy garden raspberries, black currants, cherries, strawberries and rowan berries. Yellow linden flowers, pumpkins and quinces. Latvian forest lingonberries, marsh cranberries and cloudberries. Interesting taste can be obtained from white currants and chokeberry.

Winery “Matilde” uses also the miraculous elderberries to make wine. The Bilders family travels to Kurzeme to pick eldberry flowers grown in the wild. The elderberry aroma cannot be confused with other herbal scents, it has been renowned as a universal pharmacy since Hippocrates. It is an old tradition to enrich wine with various herbs – wormwood, yarrow and others; such wines were traditionally used as medicine. The Bilders offer to enjoy such interesting drinks with ice cubes, before eating they will spark appetite and help digestion.

During tastings, offered both at the winery and as off-site visits, all senses can be applied – the bright colours are a delight to the eyes, after which one can enjoy the smell, trying to find the nuances and notes of aromas, and then you can finally taste the wine. Tastings include cheese or chocolate.

Both individual and group tastings are booked in advance. The maximum number of guests per tasting is 30. There are also events with creative workshops offered. Wine can be purchased at the winery, fairs and Cēsis Castle Shop.