Guest house Lantus

Old country house. Accommodation with dinner and breakfast. All amenities. Beautiful nature. Renovated celebration rooms. Sauna, spa, pool, tub. Garden grill. Fishing and bikes in summer, skating in winter. 24-hour registration.

Those tired of the hurry and bustle of the city, yearning for fresh air and the songs of birds, all lovers of the Latvian nature are welcome at the guest house “Lantus”. With the help of European Union co-financing, owner Māris Šternmanis has completely renovated the inherited farmhouse. The house is bright, it has warm tones in natural wood finish, antique style furniture, tile stoves and fireplaces, white walls, curtains and linen tablecloths with lace, the green from the landscape comes through windows and echoes in things.

Guests are offered dinner and breakfast. Where else, if not in the countryside, you can add fresh milk to your breakfast coffee or pour it into a bowl of sun-heated garden strawberries. Freshly squeezed juices are served throughout the year for breakfast, but in the spring, the hosts offer refreshing birch sap. Guests can choose to use a separate kitchen and prepare their own meals.

In the old barn building, there are spacious celebration rooms with simple elegance. Wedding celebrations in Latvian style often take place here. Decorations vary according to customer requirements – flowers, lighting, textile elements, seating design, but no countryside Latvian wedding is imaginable without the smell of barley beer kegs, warm pie and green birch honey. Outside, there are lovely corners to accommodate smaller companies. Wedding tables for Latvians have always been rich, believing that the life of the new family will be just as prosperous. In addition to the usual warm table, a rich selection of buffet tables with a variety of snacks is often preferred. Tables prepared by the cooks of “Lantus” will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

The professional rural tourism association “Lauku ceļotājs” has awarded guest house “Lantus” with the honorary label “The Best Host” for quality services and “Latvian Heritage” presented to Latvian tourism entrepreneurs who preserve and multiply Latvian cultural heritage by demonstrating it in tourism.