Brewery Valmiermuižas alus

Excellent quality beer. Latvian cuisine. Seasonal offer. Traditions and creativity. fairs “Deliciousness in Valmiermuiža” White Guide Baltic 2018.

Valmiermuiža, located along the side of the historic Hanseatic Trade Route, has undergone many changes over time. The ancient walls hold beautiful memories of the Baroque Prince’s hunting residence, where the bedroom ceilings were painted as a sky full of stars. The harsher memories are inherited from wars and the Soviet regime, which brought a lot of damage. The new revival of this place began when Aigars Ruņģis, a businessman born in Valmiera, together with his contemporaries, decided to establish a small and fine brewery here. Now it is the peal of North Vidzeme, the offer of which is the reason e are envied by many. If there is beer, there must be food – trying to find the perfect match for this couple, the Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen was created. Here you can indulge in the delightful moment when tastes come together to play.

Already the descriptions of beer are intriguing. Have you tasted beer that smells like a smoky and rich feast of the Hanseatic times? Do you want to try beer with the notes of freshly baked sweet and sour bread, the bitterness of wormwood and a slight echo of sweet malt? Maybe you are a lover of the classics and want to try a full-bodied beer, where caramel sweetness is levelled with bitterness? Or maybe beer with buckwheat honey flower-like notes? Everyone will find something to their liking. The offer of morses and seltzers, sparkling soft berry and fruit drinks is also impressive.

The owners of the Beer Kitchen have this to say about the meal options: “You can’t find a kitchen like ours. Its menu is based on Latvian land and nature gifts and local cuisine, while still searching for new facets to surprise and delight. Rooted in nature and cherished by creativity – this is how we see the taste of our Latvia.”

Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen is ranked among the best restaurants in Latvia and is featured in the prestigious White Guide Baltic 2018 for a second year.

During the week hours vary – please, follow the information on our website. We also hold workshops for cooks and pastry chefs, and we also serve brunch. Also local goods and craftsmen fairs “Deliciousness in Valmiermuiža”, rooted in annual traditions, take place on a regular basis here The Beer Kitchen has its own embassy in Riga, although the various drinks can be found in stores and markets around Latvia.