Company Gusts Apinis

A farm in Purvītis landscape. Gluten-free grains – buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth. Pasta and porridges from Gusts Apinis grains. Thematic parties. Tastings.

Gusts Apinis Company is located in “Cimbuļi”, Skujene Parish. The house has been built on top of a hill, one can follow the sun from sunrise to sunset, rejoicing as the sun’s rays bless the growing buckwheat and quinoa fields. Buckwheat has been cultivated in our land for a very long time, but information about quinoa can be found in historical sources from the times of Duke Jacob. Signe and Elmārs Šlosbergs decided to grow these grains as they do not contain gluten, but have a lot of valuable nutrients. And they are delicious. All contact with gluten-containing grains is prevented throughout the farm, they are not grinded in the mill or grown nearby. This is very important for people suffering from celiac disease. They have their own brand – Gusts Apinis. That is the name of the previous owner of the house, and now his name decorates the packaging of the healthy products. Gusts Apinis products can be bought at the farm, fairs and eco stores.

Gusts Apinis offers quinoa seeds, quinoa – buckwheat flour, as well as mixtures for soups and stews. A special delicacy is buckwheat paste, which the owners mastered in Italy. Visiting the farm, you can take part in quinoa cooking classes and tastings. Signe has also created her own speciality of the Culinary Road of Livonia – buckwheat porridge from buckwheat grains soaked in milk, with smoked pork breast and potato pieces. They weren’t available in the Livonian times, but are nowadays an integral part of the traditional cuisine. The porridge tastes Latvian and healthy.

The owners kindly invite you to visit “Cimbuļi”. Autumn or spring – it looks like in the paintings of the great Latvian master, Vilhelms Purvītis, recently exhibited at the d’Orsay Museum in Paris. In nice weather, guests are served at the tables in the garden, while on colder or rainy days – indoors, on the porch or in the barn made of large, gray boulders. Signe loves to organise thematic events: quinoe, buckwheat and amaranth blooming balls, brunch, pasta and salad cooking with quinoa and vegetables. Occasionally, pancakes are baked while enjoying herbal teas and jams from neighbouring farms “Indrāni” and “Ozoliņi”. In the countryside, good neighbours are worth gold, as is the ability to cooperate. Everyone’s a winner.