Company Dabas spēks

Mixes of seeds and nuts. Patriotic scones. Self-baked whole wheat bread. Stories, recipes, tips. A farmhouse in a beautiful place. A welcoming atmosphere.

With her company “Dabas spēks” (The Power of Nature), located in “Pļaviņas”, Pārgauja County, Inese Mangule has fulfilled her dream and, with the help of her family, established a healthy and tasty seed and herb mixture factory.

The Power of Nature offers a variety of valuable nutrient-rich blends of hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and chia seeds, as well as nuts. The most popular product are the patriotic scones. It is a mixture of dry ground gray peas, salt and spices – garlic, dill and parsley. All you have to do is add some fresh water to the mixture and make scones from the dough! They are a favourite as a healthy and hearty food that can be cooked quickly and is liked by children. There are people who have replaced chips with these scones. The second most popular product is garlic powder with greens “Asumiņš”.

You can meet Inese at fairs; she wears a unique headkerchief with corners in the front, made by her father. It’s to receive cosmic energy from above, laughingly says the always fun and energetic entrepreneur. Her joy of life and the bright cape in the autumn colours of Latvia gives her strength. Inese enjoys fairs very much – she can chat with customers, get suggestions and feedback, recommendations for recipes. Many customers return, until they become friends. Tourists also buy spice mixes, as they are convenient as souvenirs. People also buy them to send them by mail to other countries.

Inese invites you to drive to her factory along a Hanseatic-like white road, where you can apply for tastings. “Pļaviņas” is far from the highway, surrounded by untouched nature, fresh air and silence, close to clear springs and giant boulders – guests say that they have never been to such peaceful place. Inese also offers self-baked whole grain bread with seeds. Power bread, which gives you the strength to move mountains.