Chocolate factory and store R CHOCOLATE

Chocolate bars with nuts, hemp and other additives. Chocolate truffles. Chocolate truffles. Handmade. Workshops.

The people of Trikāta are very lucky – Raisa Jablonska has found her calling with a chocolate factory in the heart of the village. The creations of chocolate and truffles resemble small sculptures – to obtain good results, one must have a sense of composition and material, creative ideas and extremely high precision. Raisa has more than plenty of all of it. The company purchases chocolate from Spain, adds nuts, caramel, pieces of berries, ginger, raisins and other delicious things to it, creating natural and healthy treats – truffles and chocolate bars. Freshness and quality are values ​​appreciated by both locals and tourists. The cosy premises are filled with chocolate aroma, one of the most wonderful scents in the world, promising its lovers a dose of happiness.

The most recent discovery – dark chocolate bars with hemp from “Adzelvieši”, crispy seeds in a melting, bitterly sweet mass. This is where centuries meet – the historical Livonian export commodity hemp is married to chocolate introduced later by Christopher Columbus, creating a contemporary taste.

Raisa invites you to chocolate workshops, for which you must apply in advance. Instead of eating it, melted chocolate provides other types of pleasure – this is known to anyone who has mixed, poured, decorated, made with their own hands and finally received a beautifully packaged self-made piece of chocolate. A chocolate bar can be also shaped in the form of a heart as a romantic gift for someone close. You can cool off with excellent ice cream from natural ingredients made by “R-Chocolate”.