Cheese and pasta factory Siera ražotne

Cheese factory. Green cheese and cheese snacks knapsieriņi. Pasta. Freshly baked bread. Ghee butter. Raunas Staburags – geo location 2018. Legendary Hill Tanīskalns.

Sometimes good ideas come true when the passion of youth, the professional experience, the demand of buyers and the skill to combine it all wisely come together. This is the case with “Siera ražotne” (Cheese Factory) – a company in Rauna, or Ronnenburg, as it was called in older times. Ilmārs Ceriņš brought together his experience as a professional cook in Scandinavian with the ideas of his mother, an experienced dairy farmer, and started to produce “Green Cheese”. It is a dried and then grated sour milk cheese, which contains skimmed milk, buttermilk, milk protein and salt. Warm meals or sandwiches with it are very delicious. Later, he started producing cheese snack knapsieriņi, which have been known to us since ancient times, but were somewhat forgotten. Encouraged by the responsiveness of customers, Ceriņš family continued to expand the assortment with the healthy ghee butter obtained by gently heating butter and separating 100% pure milk fat. It is a healthy product which can also be used for baking, the products will not be burnt and the pan will not release smoke.

While selling cheese in fairs, Ilmārs has been asked: “OK, you’ve got cheese, but what about pasta?” Ceriņš family begun to produce home-made pasta and noodles using their hardworking hands, top quality wheat flour and chicken eggs. Pasta types vary in flavour and colour depending on the additives – beets, peppers, dried tomatoes, fenugreek, spinach or curry. The most delightful novelty of this year is “Home-made pasta with hemp protein”. Customer feedback about them says that they can be eaten as a main course even without additives, the taste is rich and nutty.

An unusual creative friendship with the confectionery company “Skrīveru saldumi” continues. Green cheese can be found in two midsummer sweets – “White hazelnut chocolate with cumin” and “Chocolate and cheese delicacy”.

The Cheese Factory received “Successful Business of the Year 2017” award in Rauna County. You are welcome by host Ilmārs by arranging your arrival time in advance. The products can also be purchased at fairs. The company is proud that several types of pasta can be purchased in the shop “Burka” in Riga, where it is weighted in the customer’s container.