Restaurant Jonathan

Five-star hotel in a charming landscape. Restaurant “Jonathan”. Sophisticated menu. White Guide Baltic 2018.

Amatciems and the five-star spa hotel Jonathan Spa Estate is just an hour’s drive from Riga and just 10 minutes from Cēsis. The picturesque nature, peace and tranquility form a pleasant union with the perfect level of comfort in the hotel and restaurant. When in Amatciems, you seem to be in a fairy tale. The project is unique because this idyll is re-created. Lakes intertwine with hills, forests and meadows. Wooden houses with tied thatched roofs, large windows and terraces allow to keep in touch with nature also during colder times, there are no fences between properties. Everything is built from ecological materials, solar energy is also used for energy production.

The Restaurant’s dishes are exquisite and elegant, made from the best products of local farmers. At breakfast, you can enjoy a warm egg in a fine goblet laid by a chicken in fresh air and freedom. In cold weather, you will be greeted with a cup of hot ash berry drink or a hot cocktail. The menu of the Culinary Road of Livonia contains juicy and healthy forest meat dishes reflecting noble hunters, but there is also marinated herring with burnt potatoes and herb cottage cheese. Herring has been brought from distant seas for such a long time that it has become a national dish. Latvian traditions are enriched with accents from cuisines from other parts of the world. A warm apple strudel is supplemented with bourbon vanilla ice cream. In warm weather, you can sit on the outdoor terrace or balcony at a set table, watching sunrise or sunset over the lake.

Every restaurant’s menu has its own handwriting. Ina Poliščenko’s creative ideas can be sensed in Restaurant “Jonathan’s” style – pastry cooks are like mysterious wizards. Cakes, resembling masterpieces of art, exquisite pastries and tarts, breakfast croissants, delicious biscuits – you deserve to indulge in moments of sweetness after walks and swimming in summer or skating in winter. You can make reservations for anniversaries and celebrations. The Restaurant organises themed events with a seven-course menu. The delicious biscuits made by the pastry cook can be purchased for takeaway. Restaurant “Jonathan” has a variety of delicious, unexpected surprises for you. Come visit us!

Restaurant “Jonathan” is ranked among the best restaurants in Latvia and has entered the prestigious White Guide Baltic 2018.