Café Priede

Bright and cosy cafe. Latvian seasonal dishes. Vegans and vegetarians welcome. Families with children welcome. Music and sports evenings.

Cafe “Priede” in Cēsis Old Town is bright and cosy. The interior has a unique feature – a feedback wall, where you can sign and look at other guests’ signatures. The cafe has beautiful lamps, light sparkles in bulbs and interesting pendants that encourage associations with amber – the shimmering tears of pine resin. You can feel the warm pine wood in tables and interior details, and some dishes are served on wooden boards.

Everyone will find something to their liking in the menu. Once a month brunch is served here, the lunch offer varies daily. There are good reviews from vegans and vegetarians, vegan chili is popular. There are many hearty and rich Latvian traditional dishes from local products. There is a two-colour chowder, both types of which do not mix up until the eater stars operating with a spoon. The speciality of the Culinary Road of Livonia is roasted pork marinated in birch sap and pine cone syrup with buttered potatoes and sauerkraut. You will also enjoy boletus pot in puff pastry coat, potato pancakes with salmon, pork ribs – it is impossible to list everything here!

Pine accents are also found in several desserts – pine meringue cake and pear baked in pine cone syrup with vanilla ice cream and nut sauce. We recommend coffee with desert – it is especially delicious and aromatic. Families with children are very welcomed here – there are games and entertainment for our smallest guests. In summer you can dine with your dog on the outdoor terrace.

Various themed evenings are held at cafe “Priede” – playing music, signing folk and power songs accompanied by the tunes of a harp. You can follow your favourite sports games on a TV screen, shoulder to shoulder with other supporters. Cafe “Priede” serves dinner to groups of up to twenty people. Hostess Oksana invites you to a beer tasting tour on the boat “Kārlis” around the pond of Cēsis Castle Park. Added value – the captain knows plenty of historical stories and legends.