Tavern Pie dzirnakmeņa

Mill pub. Delicious and hearty dishes. Freshly baked pastries and cakes. Mill complex. Walks along nature trails accompanied by the daughters of the mill’s owner. Light park on Saturday evenings in the autumn and winter.

Cafe “By the Millstone” is located on the side of Vidzeme highway between Sigulda and Cēsis, and it is managed by the Kaņepe family. Ask them about their family history and connection with this place since 1924.

During the Hanseatic League times, mills and pubs belonged to manors. Men went there to grind flour; while waiting, they were able to relax in the mill pub, meet others, quench their thirst with a pint of beer and chat. Meanwhile, the horses in the stables were given oats. They used to feed horses by the mill, now there is a car service. It is worth to come here due to the beautiful nature, to take a walk along the nature trails of the mill and Cecīļi, accompanied by the mill owner’s daughters, listen to bird songs and the purling of the waterfall next to the mill.

You can then treat fatigue and hunger in the cosy pub. The owner’s wife Aija has prepared a delicious menu from fresh goods of local farmers, forests and waters. Keep in mind that the meals are large and rich. Their sizes correspond to relaxation in fresh air and high energy consumption. The speciality of the Culinary Road of Livonia – a whole roasted trout with dill sauce, lentils and fresh salads, which would be fancied by any rich traveller of that time. Latvian peasants usually drank beer in the pub at that time, and later a shot of strong spirits was enjoyed during colder seasons. Today, everyone will find something to eat or drink to their liking at the cafe “By the Millstone”

Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with homemade apple breadcrumbs, cheesecakes or poppy seed pastries. They can even be enjoyed still warm if you are lucky enough to come at the right time, when the owner’s wife has just taken them out of the oven. The pastry offer also includes cakes with seasonal berries – strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries or cranberries. It is possible to order pies and other delicacies for takeaway.

On Saturday evenings in the autumn and winter the family of Ieriķi Mill invites everyone to join in the creation and experiencing of the Light Park.