Café Bastions

Offers delicious and quick meals. Comfortable accommodation for larger groups of guests. Historic building. Basement. Open terrace overlooking the Mill Lake.

The name of Cafe “Bastions” (bastion) comes from its historical location. The building is located on a paved 16th-century street leading to an ancient outcrop of a fortification with a machicolation. In Swedish times, part of the fortification was demolished and five-corner bastions were built, from which it was possible to fire along the fortification, thus successfully defending the city. The building of the Cafe has an interesting history. When you are visiting, ask how the pharmacy, hospital and outpatient clinic in Valmiera came to be and what the connection with this building is.

The Cafe is run by a family. The daily menu is mostly based on traditional values, and it has been supplemented with various products and dishes of the modern world. There is a bistro-type offer. There are plenty of healthy meals – everyone can choose from a rich selection of salads. A wide variety of greens and fresh salad is available for vegetarians and vegans. For lovers of rich dishes, there is the classic potato salad, herring and beet salad and the pride of this city – Valmiera salad. Soups, main courses – everything is quickly available and can be mixed together as you wish. Latvian classical grain crops – buckwheat and barley – are now joined by the popular bulgur. Meat dishes tend to vary, and sometimes you can enjoy duck or rabbit. For dessert, different Latvian classics, such as fruit-juice jelly and ice cream, are available. In warm weather, you can enjoy an ice cream shake while relaxing on the summer terrace and watching the beautiful view of the Mill Lake.

The things that the people of Valmiera and guests value the most at Cafe “Bastions” – the quick and delicious meals and the opportunity to feed larger groups of guests. It’s better to book tables in advance, but also unexpected guests are always welcome. A popular venue for banquets.