Brewery Brenguļu alus

Traditional Latvian beer, brewed by old and unique recipes. Beer garden and Latvian dishes in summer. Take-away beer all year round.

Brenguļi beer is famous all over Latvia. It is especially in demand at Midsummer – Latvian summer solstice celebration, but also highly appreciated in other seasons as well. Visit Brenguļi in summer – it is so pleasant to sit in the beer garden by the brewery, established in 1993 by the Freivaldi Family, next to a river at simple wooden tables, enjoying birds singing and Abula, whose waters produce electricity for the brewery with the help of modern equipment. There are also swings for children.

The Freivaldi Family produce traditional light and dark beer from hops and barley malt. High quality water is very important for the production of good beer. Light beer is lighter and more sparkling, while dark beer is sweeter and thicker, resembling beer made by our ancestors for hundreds of years in rural homes. Mixing light and dark beer together, they turn into beer drink “Dzintariņš” (amber).

As we all know, beer increases appetite. In the warm season, the beer garden offers nutritious national dishes – delicious smoked pork sausages with sautéed sauerkraut, Latvian national dish boiled grey peas with smoked bacon and onion sauce, and savoury snacks with beer. There is also ice cream for children and people with a sweet tooth.

If you come to Brenguļi for some beer, you can be sure that it is always fresh here. You can buy take-away beer. If you like it, you will be able to find it elsewhere in Latvia – both in specialised live beer shops and in pubs and restaurants. It is possible to get here by bike from the ancient Hanseatic city of Valmiera – an option used by many tourists.