Restaurant Kannas

Annas Hotel. Manor with history. Peace, tranquillity, landscape. Hotel Restaurant “Kannas”. Chef Dzintars Kristovskis. Delicious food. Local and seasonal. A place for a romantic getaway. Spa.

The history of Annas Manor is associated with the influential and rich von Transehe family of the 18th century. Interestingly, from 1793 to 1796, Garlieb Merkel worked in Annas Manor as a tutor for Riga County Court judge A. von Transehe, where he wrote his famous work “Latvians”. The current owners of Annas Hotel also wanted to preserve its noble atmosphere. Baroque-like linden alleys, white country roads, manor park and other landscape features are the values ​​that will sooth everyone tired of the urban environment. It seems like you are beyond time and reality here. Visitors of the Hotel and Restaurant are promised relaxation and pampering. The old barn house has been renovated with bright colours, creating nine beautiful and modern rooms, where an old dowry chest or a wood cabinet unobtrusively reminds of the olden times.

Restaurant “Kannas” offers a menu by the talented chef Dzintars Kristovskis. The offer changes every day, reflecting the current seasonal harvest in local gardens, forests and meadows, all fresh and of high quality. Honestly grown, juicy roots, asparagus, cucumbers and tomatoes, Latvian summer dill. Amazingly fresh fish and crayfish from the nearby pond, game, juicy forest berries, mint, lingonberries, mushrooms, cones, nuts and plenty of other natural goods. The chef tries to incorporate Latvian cuisine into food, looking for new flavours, using such techniques as smoking, marinating, caramelizing, fermenting, churning or slow-boiling of broth, supplementing it with contemporary-style creative cooking experiments, so that every dish is a carefully designed adventure of taste. A selection of local cheeses is also available for dessert.

Guests commend the self-baked bread – some mention it as the most delicious bread they have eaten in their lives. People praise local beer, the opportunity to have a cup of coffee or aromatic herb tea at the fireplace. Many good words have been dedicated to the excellent breakfast buffet, and plenty of compliments go to meat and fish dishes. There are guests who have tried a delicious zander for the first time ever. Landscape, tranquility, peace, water procedures, spa, delicious food and pleasant staff are the greatest values of Annas Hotel. Ask the staff about the impressive history of the Manor!