Maker of alcoholic beverages Veselības laboratorija

Spirituous drinks, distillates and vodka from Latvian berries and plants.

Strong and full of natural fragrances – this is how you could describe the drinks produced by “Veselības laboratorija” (Health Laboratory). The family-run company of Guntis Kurmis is located close to the ancient Hanseatic Trade Route, a few kilometers from Cēsis. Infusions, distillates and vodka are made from high-quality self-made alcohol, the process of which is controlled by the precision of a pharmacist. The infusions are made only from berries and plants obtained in the Latvian biosystem, a large part of which has been used for health care since ancient times.

The descriptions of infusions can be read as poetry and old spells at the same time. Blackcurrant – prevents weakness and grimness, strengthens the spirit, rejuvenates and provides well-being. Cranberry – cleanses the flesh, brings redness to cheeks, relieves tension, a small shot improves family life. Lingonberry – prevents speech barriers, waking up in the middle of the night, improves a husbands’ joy and a wife’s sleep, and vice versa. Rowan, a plant that has been used for thousands of years to repel evil – strengthens the heart, improves patience and friendship. Blueberry – wins over darkness and obscurantism, improves eye sight, prevents disharmony both in work and mischiefs.

We are especially proud of our “Cēsis Speciālais” – a infusion from eight berries, which helps to get fundamental answers to questions for those yearning completeness. There are also self-grown pumpkin brandy, local apple distillate with Latvian oak nuances and Red Rock Water – vodka from extremely clean and soft local spring water. Remember to use spirituous drinks in moderation!

The Health Laboratory welcomes groups of travellers and offers tasting tours. Book your visit in advance! The delicious drinks can be purchased at fairs, in cafes around Cēsis and stores.