Garlic production plant and store Latvijas Ķiploks

Latvian garlic. From traditional to unusual flavours. Shop. Tastings. Stories.

“Garlic doesn’t grow on trees, which is what I thought up until now. Now I know it for sure!” One of the visitors came to this conclusion after visiting the shop of the company “Latvijas ķiploks” in Rauna. The life of garlic can be seen in pictures on the shop’s walls. In 2014, entrepreneurs  Sintija Rude and Inese Krūklīte, who are called “the garlic queens” in Rauna, decided to put together ideas, skills and experience to offer buyers clean and quality Latvian garlic in different ways. Professionals are able to distinguish the more fragrant and fierce pinkish-gray Latvian garlic from their white foreign relatives with a similar name.

Garlic can be very different. From spicy and pungent to gentle nuances, if added a little, first frying it in butter. Its taste varies greatly with other products. You can order several types of tastings when visiting “Latvijas ķiploks”, depending on whether the guests are brave and want to try everything new, or love classical values, are children or adults. Garlic is found here in tea, honey, butter, bread, sauce, pesto, also in garlic toast with warm garlic soup. “Latvijas ķiploks” creatively uses cloves, flowers and the bright green stems. Garlic is grated, marinated, dried and made into pellets.

Children love mixing different herbs and spices in a creative way, applying the mixtures on bread and tasting. After visiting, all you have to do is decide, what you would like to take with you. The white cloves have found their place also in the range of drinks – you can enjoy garlic health cocktails, garlic beer or a glass of vodka. You can try how garlic tastes together with different flavours of caramel, chocolate and ice cream in a crisp waffle, especially favoured by children. And why not taste garlic cake?

Occasionally there are people who avoid eating fresh garlic because of the specific aroma that remains in the mouth for a long time after eating it. For this or some other reason, in ancient times people of many nationalities believed that vampires were afraid of garlic. “Latvijas ķiploks” recommends to drink a little milk, chew on a slice of lemon, parsley twig or a little fresh mint after eating garlic, depending on what is best for you.